Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sprayable Arapido cement micro topping on vertical

Tony from  Melody Concrete mixes the arapido cement with 4.6 liters of CP 2008 polymer for 2 minutes.
Allows it to sit for a couple of minutes for 45 seconds minute.
He uses a fine screen to pour it through prior to filling the hopper of the Arapido sprayer.

Do not mistake this with the Stucco hopper gun system!
that systems spatters the coarse material on with air, and then knocked down with a trowel to give a stucco finish.

The difference:
  The Arapido gun puts on a very smooth fine cement finish without air .....thus having real concrete characteristic.

 Stand back at least 5ft when spraying very light smooth coats

The freshly sprayed Arapido cement is very lightly textured with magic trowels to give movement and a fresco finish...  the desired look.


Once dry, Arapido cement takes on a totally different look to paint....a softer warmer natural ascetic

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