Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revisit the polished concrete Arapido at Vancouver College

I thought it would be a good time and have a look at an old Arapido project.
Back in 2007 we  had 2 years of successful project testing with this new product and felt it was time to put it to the real test.....the heavy demands of a large boy's college.

Vancouver College Crest

With decorative concrete finishes we had a opportunity to give the College a chance to present their heritage with the present in the new school extensions.

With Bjorn Olner we worked on a concept of deconstructing the school crest and using aspects of it in the new floor.

 Bjorn Olner's original watercolor drawings for the foyer.

We chose gold as the main field color's as it was used in the college's uniforms. The first task was to lay out the design and spray on the Arapido which had a fine combination of Silica hardeners and pearlescent powders broad-casted to provide extra hardness.

Large graphics depicting aspects of the crest and in this case the opening year the school was established 1922. Purple was the predominate color used in the college uniforms.

The school demanding foot traffic has had no effect on the Arapido surface, since its inception in the school another two renovations have seen the material used.

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