Monday, November 8, 2010

Terrazzi finish at CRG Gallery New York

On my recent trip to visit Paul Huneck at Hudson Concrete, an unexpected opportunity came up to show our latest Cast-on technique over Arapido to create a Terrazzi finish.

Conclusion : Cast-on adds an interesting dimension to the surface matrix and improves the polishing results.

The Terrazzi surface was applied over a new self- leveled concrete floor that was showing up unwanted curing lines due to protection cardboard. 

Those important concrete details;

Polishing the Terrazzi edges with a 4 inch variable hand polisher and dry diamond pads.

We place these pads also under the larger 17' floor machine to polish the field areas.

So Important:
Always spray apply the first coat of sealer. This eliminates the possibility of roller or applicator lines.Second coat can be applied with applicator.

Keep the pressure up and apply a very thin coat.

 With a closer look:
The polished concrete micro topping creates subtle depth and character on a very smooth floor surface without detracting form the wall art.

No rivalries here!

the Terrazzi floor acts as a perfect backdrop for objects of art.
After the floor was sealed with Deco Seal Supreme two coats of a flat wax floor finish were applied to assist for easy maintenance.

Special thanks to the owners of CRG Gallery:
Carla, Richard and Glenn for their trusting support.
Making quick decisions allowed the installation to proceed very rapidly.

THE PROJECT: installed by Hudson Concrete

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