Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Polished concrete micro topping over a plywood sub-floor

A major commercial renovation

Required the VC tile to be removed before a new self level concrete floor could be poured.

Chropa yoga centre Vancouver with a soothing atmosphere and inspiring settings...choose polished concrete arapido flooring

 The Chropa Yoga centre is an upscale, full service yoga service
                and wellness studio located in downtown Vancouver.
                              With a custom designed 8000 sqft. studio and a team of highly
                              trained instructors they offer a wide variety of yoga classes in
 their two spacious yoga studios. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The latest color trend.... polished concrete micro topping colored light grey

Hi, Gary,

I just wanted to send you and Christian a long overdue thank-you for helping us out on short notice,
and for the great job you did at Katey’s condo in early September.
It really made the world of difference, making her place look much airier.

Thanks again,
Cheers, Sue

Ps I rarely open my emails, so I just was going through them now, and realized I over-looked sending you a thank-you!

Concrete resurfacing the appropriate solution to complete the patios and stairs of this Shaughnessy mansion.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rejuvenating a Mill Reef Club family home in Antigua

      Mill Reef was founded in 1947 by Robertson Ward,a visionary architect an promoter
          who foresaw the demand for travel and leisure in the aftermath of World War 2.
     Ward aimed to create a private resort where like-minded people of diverse interests
         could vacation.After lengthy investigation, he chose Antigua for its white sand beaches,
                               turquoise waters  and steady breezes.

We made the deadline, which was key.  Appreciated your intensity about getting things done.  Andrew is bringing the owner of the Jumby Bay project to our house on 11/21 and has made many complimentary comments about your products and the results at our place, so I think you should anticipate travel down there next summer. Let us know if that works out.  We always go for the week of July 4 and might need to go more if we are doing the guest house floors, which we plan to do.

I have not found out how the remaining floors went--upstairs bathroom and terrace and front porch.  I will send you photos when I get them. We go back in early December.   I have emailed Ersdale Stevens, the floor guy, for a progress report, but I have heard nothing.  Hard to figure because he was so intent on giving us his email address.  Laurent has sent us nothing.

Best to you.  We are truly relieved to have the floors addressed--they have been a big issue for years.  We enjoyed having you there and will be sure to get you (and your wife) back sometime soon.  Paul also enjoyed your company.

You do realize we were barely shy of a category 1 hurricane when you were doing the living room, surf room, bar and entry.

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Private light house view now with  resurfaced Sgraffino concrete 

Arapido polished concrete for down town city loft

Loft Living
The conversion of buildings to lofts - result in what is known as the "hard loft".
       These are buildings with history and character.They have a harder edge of either 
            concrete construction,or "mill"construction of exposed old brick and original 
wood posts, beams and concrete floors.

The Architecture of Ricardo Legorreta ... 10,000 sqft of Arapido concrete sanded but not polished.

      The internationally renowned Mexican Architect Ricardo Legorreta reinvented
          the "wall culture" of Mexico. Emphasizing the supremacy of solids over voids,
          the use of colour to enclosed wall space, and the South American preference
          for privacy.
         Legorreta designed regionally building appropriate modern architecture that avoided
          the stereotypical styling.....his diverse group of buildings achieved a supreme blend
          of space, light and colour regardless of there stark difference in scale.

Arapido concrete flooring assists architect in achieving Visual Art

Minimalism describes movements in various forms 
of art and design,where the work is set out to expose
 the essence or identity of a subject through eliminating
 all non-essential forms ,features or concepts.