Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Its time for a Self-Level"

The problem:
 Even though this surface needed to be level with the adjoining tile, the surface had been so poorly place that it still would have required a self leveling cement like Level 1.
Arapido requires a much smoother substrate.
Remember the newly sprayed cement goes on very thin, and any physical deficiencies underneath would not be hidden.

level 1 brings the concrete floor up to the level of the tile, and at the same time eliminates the heavy trowel lines.
Prior to installing the Arapido over the self level, the floor must be primed with CP2008.
This will stop air movement up through  Level 1, plus bond the two surfaces together and allow the Arapido to hydrate as required.

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  1. We recently used some self leveling concrete in our home improvement projects and it was just an amazing product, made the whole process simpler and ended up looking fantastic