Saturday, December 1, 2012

Metal logo inlay with self level then micro topped &polished

Typical state of the floors prior
to the arapido resurfacing

note: concrete crack and nail pop marks from a prior demolished wall
adjacent our newly self levelled/micro-topped /polish floor. 

Infloor heating wires placed prior to
  1st concrete self -level pour

Second layer of self level to completely
cover in floor heating wires and steel logo.
 Because the original  concrete floor was so 
poorly installed the self level 
was nearly 3/4inch thick around logo

The company name embedded in self level then and Arapido cement
was applied polished and seal.
The stair steel pans were filled with a rapid setting high
strength cement ...left a 3/8inch low and topped with
our self level prior to having Arapido cement
 applied and polished

Steel grey Perla coloration on the polished
Arapido micro-topping 

The womens bathroom emphasizes how well 
           the polished concrete arapido floor works 
         with the natural stained wood and tile.

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