Friday, January 28, 2011

Regina new construction In-floor heating

The cold winters of the Canadian north...
this new home in Regina concrete flooring with in floor heating was specified. The outside temperature at the time of installing the Arapdio floor was minus 25 Celsius . During the winter months materials must be shipped and keep in a heated environment.

The original concrete floor had been stained and sealed .The result was not up to the owners expectation, as a result Arapido was choosen to take its place.The floor was prepared, including a light grind to remove the sealer and stain then all cracks were repaired.
Important to mask up 5 feet as all the interior painting had been completed, always use paper on the bottom row then a final row of plastic for protection.

The Arapido cement lightly color with a low loading of wales charcoal and ochre  was applied to create the required color an ascetics.


  1. This is a cheap version of polished concrete. Check out or for a real polished floor that uses diamond tooling

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