Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gym with Arapido cement

Adventurous alternative
       Decorative concrete

Flooring plays an important part  in any gym with
nothing receiving quite as much abuse.
The Arapido cement floor here has handled many workouts and shows no signs of tiring.

Bold color and shapes

the warm sunny concrete colors contrast dramatically with the heavy equipment creating a fresh vibrant energetic atmosphere.

Concrete Sealer
Inspection after 2 1/2 years:
 Originally a water based epoxy was used,then top coated with 2 coats of Acrylic Floor Finish.
No subsequent maintenance was carry out except for a clean water mopping. The general area as shown in the photos  area showing no wear and in great shape

Where as the body press area is  showing some distress where the weights are continually dropped ....these areas will have to be resurfaced next month.
This time the Arapido cement will have a Terrazzi finish applied with Cast-on silica and garnet to further increase hardness and compaction numbers to combat the abuse .
Then  sealed with a high solids Urethane with  alumina oxide added to make it bulletproof.

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