Saturday, October 30, 2010

Imagine Joanne's vision

A pretty daunting task at this stage. The old crumbing concrete floor needed to be removed to allow for a complete renovation including raising the house and new foundations.

Joanne inspecting her new Garden suite even at this stage she had visualized the finish needed for her furniture.

A new floor was place the gray concrete was power trowelled to produce a smooth finish ...perfect for the Arpaido process that was done 4 weeks later
the photo gives a glimpse of the abuse a new concrete receives during construction.

COMPLETION: Joanne a very happy client

What makes this interesting is that the white Arapido cement floor with the Terrazzi finish absolutely suits Joannes fine antique furniture in her garden suite.

The Matrix's ...simple yet elegant
The SST Cast-on in the project had a combination of fine silica's, red glass and small white marble chips.

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