Friday, October 29, 2010

Floating dyes on Arapido cement

A river of colors

The new Arapido cement surface has a dye process executed using blue first followed by yellow,  then red, and finally black.....

The following day, torn cardboard strip protects the surface, and then another layer of integrally colored Arapido cement sprayed either side.

Beautiful natural colors

The beautiful organic result obtained using translucent  Deso cement dyes on Arapido cement.

Using sawdust resist to manipulate and protect the primary colors during the process creating a mysterious depth.

It was critical to avoid contaminating the blue areas during the process, as we all know any yellow would have turned it to green.

a color wash
with maple leaves imprinted into the wet Arapido cement
creating an interesting interaction between the cement, dye colors and the imprinted leaves.

The different color layers suggest depth, which is further enhanced by the color gradients in the individual layers.  

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